The Tattoo-a-thon is a volunteer-driven annual fundraiser for CHOC – The Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa. Lead by founder Jordan Gray, the event has grown from pretty small beginnings to one of SA’s raddest events. An event where tattoo aficionados can help raise funds for kids fighting cancer AND dispel society’s negative perceptions of people with ink. We’re folks with big hearts! And some of us quite literally wear them on our sleeves. ;)

The funds raised from the event go directly to CHOC. The organisation does not receive funding from government and rely heavily on donations from caring corporates, individuals and parents of children with cancer. Donations and fund raising projects like Tattoo-a-thon are therefore the lifeblood of the organisation.

You can find out more about CHOC here and our awesome founder, Jordan, here.


The first Tattoo-a-thon took place in Cape Town with an idea, no budget and a mere 5-weeks planning. 10 Studios.

Funds raised: R70 000


The second Tattoo-a-thon took place across South Africa with worldwide media coverage. Tattoo-a-thon received hundreds of emails, many from overseas enthusiasts requesting to host it in their country. 28 Studios.

Funds raised: R250 000


The third Tattoo-a-thon took place across South Africa in 50 studios across nine provinces. Tattoo-a-thon reached over 240,000 people on Facebook worldwide and the idea was shared on TV, radio and multiple magazines, newspapers and websites around the world.

Funds raised: R250 000


The fourth Tattoo-a-thon will take place across South Africa in over 30 studios across nine provinces.