2010 was a tough year.

I was financially supporting a little boy at the CHOC Tygerberg Lodge (Cape Town) who was terminally ill. His name was Gishmo.

He was about the same age as my son at the time and his parents simply couldn’t afford to look after him and his medical needs. Shortly after his second birthday, my little friend passed away (I still miss him very, very much). I simply couldn’t deal with the loss and left all volunteering at CHOC for about two years to try and forget how much his death hurt me.

In 2012, I participated in an education course offered by Landmark Worldwide, a self-development program that inspired me to take my life in a new and unexpectedly fulfilling direction. To graduate the curriculum, I needed to complete the Self Expression & Leadership Program. To graduate, the participants in the program must complete a community-orientated project using the structure taught throughout the program.

I chose CHOC as my beneficiary community. The idea was simple: Invite all people that love tattoos to get tattooed by the very best studios on one special day, raise funds for children fighting cancer and alter the stigma attached to having a tattoo.

What started out as pretty cool idea, Tattoo-a-thon has quickly become one of SA’s most anticipated fund raising events and has snowballed into something that inspires people everyday. This event has brought much joy and laughter to my family, friends, supporters of Tattoo-a-thon and the hundreds of kids at CHOC (present and future).





  Jordan Gray

Tattoo-a-thon Founder & Big Picture Guy

 Want to know more about Landmark Worldwide? visit www.landmarkworldwide.com or email them at landmark.educationcpt@gmail.com.